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WHY have we created Brand New Me?

To liberate an individual’s capacity for change and action

HOW do we do it?

We build tailored, truthful and trusting relationships around our core coaching and mentoring expertise.

What is as important to us in all our work is the quality and shared purpose of the whole relationship – between ourselves, the commissioning organisation and the individual client. Our relational approach creates a partnership that results in open, transparent interactions and a collaborative design and delivery of Brand New Me programmes. Our approach supports the purposeful relationship that develops between a client and their coach or mentor. This is a critical factor and has the greatest impact on individual client outcomes.

WHAT do we do?

We deliver coaching and mentoring for clients to access all their creative resources and build their ‘best for them’ integrated lives.

This is a unique offering to combine the understanding of oneself with the practical delivery. Liberating the individual’s knowledge of self and the terrain in which they engage to deliver time bound realistic outputs.

WHO do we work with?

Individuals – who are facing multiple choices in their lives; people who are unsure about how to identify and evaluate all their options.

Corporate teams – which may not be firing on all cylinders. The aim is to deliver higher overall performance by liberating each team member’s hidden capacity –we call this the multiplier effect of incremental individual gains.

WHO are we?

We are the external inspiration, motivation and catalysts who reinvigorate and energise our clients.
Our work is informed by our career backgrounds in financial services and consumer businesses, the changes in our own careers and our current personal experience working with a range of clients. We share tried and tested approaches and methodologies.

Our Brand New Me programmes include:

  • Course Correction
  • At a Crossroads
  • Into New Territory

Each programme includes some of the following elements:

  • Know yourself, own yourself, be yourself with more skill.
  • Determine your goals
  • Practicalities to achieve personal and company goals
  • Achieving your goals